Designing a completely new collection at the highest level every season and giving it a characteristic, distinctive profile - that is our goal! This is why we go to work. With a team that brings visionary ideas, craftsmanship, and enthusiasm for complex technical manufacturing processes and devotes itself with complete dedication to the smallest detail.

In this way we unite premium ski clothing for women and men with the highest functional requirements and fashionable statements - naturally oriented toward the elegant appearance of the ski legend and style icon Toni Sailer.


For our designers, every new collection is a challenge! Highly functional attributes, the foundation of premium ski clothing, must be translated into a fashionable, sophisticated form. Developing a collection can take us up to two years - from research on design and cut development to production, monitoring, and delivery. The phase in which we develop new functional materials and colors for the Toni Sailer brand is very time-intensive and exciting.

Jacke wird nach Maß angefertigt und designt
Handwerkliches Können kommt tagtäglich zum Einsatz
Highest quality materials and craftsmanship

We use exclusively the highest quality materials to stay true to our philosophy and to constantly impress. A fine difference can be felt in our garments, for quality is always durable, stable, and unfading. All Toni Sailer pieces profit from perfect, ergonomic tailoring, impeccable processing, and exclusive details. Thanks to craftsmanship and complex technical processes, a new collection emerges every season ensuring a pleasurable long-lasting fit and a look that attracts everyone’s attention.

Essentially, we are always inspired and motivated by extraordinary people like Toni Sailer. We are proud of retelling his success story as a family-run company. Transferring his style and spirit to ski jackets, pants, layers and accessories that distinguish themselves thanks to maximum performance and luxurious details - and simultaneously casting a stylistic look into the future.