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Crystals by Swarovski®

Swarovski is the premium brand for the finest, most precisely cut crystal since 1895. With a unique variety of cuts, colours, effects, shapes and sizes, the innovative crystal collection creates a stylish, contrasting element.



The combination of the classic Swarovski crystals with the timeless pearl element is an absolute highlight. The varied application of an array of decorations which we use for our collection create an elegant, iridescent effect that accentuates the uniqueness of each piece.



Regardless of its shape or size, every element used is matched with the respective collection part with regard to tonal colour. From an extensive colour palette, we carefully select the perfect tone to ideally match the fabrics and decorations. This results in a fascinating shimmer which refines the style down to the last detail.


Classic elegance with a new look

The quadratic cut conveys fashion and zeitgeist and gives our pieces a modern look. Whether used matt or glossy, the different shades provide reserved elegance in an extraordinary form. Arranged with maximum precision, the small Swarovski crystals bring out special features.

Sparkling High­lights

Explore our women styles and their various exclusive details from the Swarovski manufactory.

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