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Retro Charm

Iconic Style

The good style of another time: in the 1930s, strapped trousers were preferred to be used as ski trousers – no wonder, because they were elastic and didn’t ride up due to the stirrup. In the current collection, we celebrate their comeback in the après-ski version: with the main material from the latest generation, with a perfected fit and with signature Toni Sailer details. For a contemporary and elegant look.



Ski garments from previous style periods serve as a source of inspiration for our retro-orientated quilts. At first glance, it seems easy to transfer earlier elements to the present day. But this actually requires a great deal of effort: intense research, the selection of the appropriate material and the design itself. However, the most important thing is that every Toni Sailer collection piece which has retro stitching tells an old story in a stylistically new way – vividly and individually.