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Colors as a style element

perfectly executed

Shrill, loud and sometimes irritating: this is what colour blocking was like in the 80s. Seemingly conceptless and above all unconventional, colour blocks were put together to form a wild mix. Even in the following years, fashion designers repeatedly picked the motif as a style element. For ski sports, we present colour blocking styles which express the current fashion sense and unmistakably carry the Toni Sailer signature.



There are countless colour combinations with colour blocking. This is exciting but also challenging, because the goal should always be an intense result of colours which are also stylish. In addition, the harmonious overall picture needs to be kept in mind. We therefore use vibrant tones as well as classic colours for our styles. The main thing is that the colour arrangements speak for themselves and take effect on the ski slope – as colour blocking highlights.


Loud and wild was the motto of the 80s. Fresh and dynamic are the results of our interpretation. To make a personal, colourful statement on the piste, all you have to do is choose your colour blocking favourite.

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