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Love to detail


High Level

The special feature is in the details: aesthetically at the highest level, well thought-out and perfectly designed elements complete every Toni Sailer style. It's almost like a exploration tour to discover all the subtleties of a garment from the collection. Be it a specially designed zipper garage or a logo embossed glasses cleaning cloth. No matter how small the ennobling component may be, it is remarkable.



Our details are characterised by high material and manufacturing quality: easy to recognise at first glance and immediately noticeable at first touch. Thus a logo in 3D-look can induce to redraw the outlines of the chamois. All details, even filigree contrast stripes, are conceived and designed as small highlights - sometimes in a stylish position, sometimes hidden.



Our aim is to outperform expectations. For this reason, we use our special details to create moments of surprise. This can be a successful mix of the finest materials, which are revealed in some unexpected places. Or a zipper made exclusively for Toni Sailer with a colourful eye-catcher. No matter what detail it is, it illustrates our philosophy of high quality - visually and haptically.