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A soft, snug feel and a smooth texture - these are the requirements we have for our leather. Therefore, we source exclusively the highest quality Merino leather, of European origin, which is mainly used in the production of leather gloves because of its excellent characteristics.


Leather in wet conditions

Even in snow and rain, there is no need to forego the leather look thanks to our “water repellent” coating. The high-quality real leather is durably water-repellent, cannot be saturated with water, and is up to the full functionality standard of Toni Sailer’s styles.


Stable in shape and color

The Merino leather we use has the wonderful characteristic of retaining its shape and color after being washed. A dyeing process with special pigments prevents a wash-out effect and long-lasting color intensity is maintained. It also retains its soft touch and silky feel.


finest handwork

The stitching and hand filling of the individual baffles with fiber balls and the fine, stitched embroidery - all these steps happen as a result of complex, time-intensive development in craftsmanship in order to implement our ideas and vision perfectly. The use of Z Liner as an additional membrane behind every seam ensures that no moisture can enter and not only makes an exclusive look but also a highly functional leather style.