Delivery & Payment

Orders are processed and dispatched betwenn Monday through Friday. If your order is received on a legal German national or Bavarian holiday, it will be processed on the next business day. Shipping is exclusively from Germany and is carried out by our logistics partner DHL and DHL Express. In Germany and Austria can therefore also be delivered on Saturdays. Shipping to PO boxes is generally not possible. Further information can be found in the overview of supplier countries.

Orders placed outside the EU are subject to taxes or duties as determined by the customs authorities of the country of destination. Taxes and duties are determined on the basis of the order value and any tax-free rate applicable to goods imported into the country of destination. Payment of such taxes/duties is the sole responsibility of the recipient. If the recipient refuses to accept the package, he/she is responsible for the costs of returning the package. In some cases, such charges are referred to as "additional postage". For more information, please contact your local customs office.

Countries of delivery

CountryShipping costsCourierDelivery time
Germany, Austriaat no chargeDHL1-3 workday
European Unionat no chargeDHL Express2-4 workday
Iceland, Andorra, Switzerland, Norway, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Vatican Cityat no charge (excl. duties & taxes)DHL Express2-4 workday (excl. customs delay)
United Kingdomat no charge
(excl. 20% tax + customs duties)
DHL Express2-4 workday (excl. customs delay)

Please note that on special occasions, such as around Christmas, Black Friday or Valentine's Day, delays or longer delivery times may occur due to the increased volume of shipments.


We offer the following methods of payment

  • Credit Card (VISA / MasterCard / American Express) - The amount will be debited from your account as soon as the data has been verified and the goods have been sent.

  • PayPal - You will be redirected directly PayPal to sign in as an existing PayPal account holder directly with your user data and make the payment. New customers of PayPal can start the registration process there.

  • Instant bank transfer - No entering of long card numbers. No opening of an account. And therefore no storage of customer data. Pay your purchase directly after order completion with your usual online banking data - simply secure!

  • Express Checkout via Goolge Pay/Shop Pay - An expedited checkout, with which you can save your e-mail address, credit card information, and shipping and billing information for quick and easy payment.


In general, reimbursement will be made exclusively to the means of payment or bank account used in the order. Another type of refund is not possible.

The presentation of our goods does not represent a binding offer on our part. It is only after you have ordered goods that a binding offer occurs in accordance with Section 145 of the German Civil Code. If this offer is accepted, we send you an order confirmation by email and the goods are prepared for shipping. This forms a purchase agreement between you and us. If the goods you have ordered are not available, we reserve the right to not provide this service, and we will immediately inform you about this before completing the contract.

If you have applied a discount coupon to your order, it will be prorated on all items when you are refunded.

Our prices are shown exclusively in EURO or GBP for UK and CHF for Switzerland and are to be understood as final price (within the EU incl. taxes).