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Variation in Look and Functionality

Elegant design of the closure elements emphasises the exclusive Toni Sailer look. Various colours and materials enable us to fine tune down to the last detail. Depending on weight, design and functionality, each model receives the ideal zipper from YKK.

Closure Technology

Easy in every sense

Zips from YKK have always been a promise of quality. Elaborate surface treatments provide the best functionality and excellent running behaviour with which even small bags can be opened and closed trouble-free. For particularly light and thin fabrics, we use plastic zippers which are 50% lighter than those made of metal and, due to their properties, perfectly fit the exclusive requirements of the Toni Sailer brand.

Design Element

Eye-Catching Zipper

Special materials and finishes make it possible to use the zipper in various colour and gloss variants. Whether two-tone, shimmering or with mirror effect: the variety of YKK allows us to choose which zipper best complements the fashion-luxurious statement of our collection and additionally sets a stylish statement.

Functional added value

Protects against wind and weather

Interlinking mechanisms are given a water-repellent coating to increase weather protection in particularly sensitive closure areas. This makes the zipper a protective shield against moisture in the pockets. The soft lining stays dry and warm. We use this element for particularly sporty high-tech looks to ensure functionality is fully integrated.