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Limited Styles

Exclusive fit

With the primary focus for the limited styles being a premium concept, Toni Sailer transcends borders and pushs the limit with regard to material mixes, handcrafted quality, and detail-oriented finishing. Limited quantities guarantee a unique presence and an extraordinary wearing experience on and off the slopes.


Premium experience for ladies

New idea of ​​an exclusive, strictly made and strictly limited jacket.

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Luxury experience for men

New ways of processing that speak for themselves - in limited editions and numbered.

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Always a step ahead

Our goal is to make new design approaches feasible through intensive development work and innovative production techniques. High-quality equipment and craftsmanship skills, contribute to the success of this project. The combination of leather with technical, shiny material, the individual baffle construction hand filled with fiberballs, or the innovative overall style concept are just a few examples.


numbered consecutively

Produced in limited quantities, the most sophisticated pieces of the collection require precision manufacturing with an attention for details. Highlight of this product line: each jacket is numbered and the Toni Sailer Limited Edition have and are becoming collectors items.