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Anyone who’d like to be active at minus temperatures and still look good - without freezing - is well equipped with Toni Sailer: Our high end padding insulation keeps you warm and dry at every opportunity and simultaneously impresses with its light weight. Like our Premium 4-Way Stretch outer material, we also use stretch padding that not only enables optimum functionality but also enables flattering cuts and a comfortable, lightweight feel.


Insulation at the highest level

PrimaLoft® offers functionality at the highest level: Water-repellent and breathable, the insulation filling protects the body from moisture and keeps it dry and warm. In addition to optimum thermal output in all weather conditions, the PrimaLoft® technology simultaneously ensures a low weight without a large volume. The result is a soft, snug fit.


Warmth with high performance fibers

Defy the cold with air inclusion – that’s the principle behind THERMOLITE® technology. This filling ensures a lightweight and highly insulating effect thanks to special fibers that are hollow and trap air. Thus a perfect layer is created that stays warm and dry, is wonderfully comfortable with a low weight, and enables maximum mobility. Moreover, special microfibers provide exceptional wearability.


Unrivalled in look and comfort

Specially developed for Toni Sailer! Fiberballs is the new lining, which not only offers a stylish down look, but also shines with extraordinary performance. An excellent advantage over down is: Fiberballs retains its down look even in wet conditions and guarantees undiminished heat insulation. Even after washing the insulation retains its original shape.