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The subtle difference

The chamois is reflected in our logo as a symbol of Alpine life. Surrounded by a traditional coat of arms, their gaze is visible our clothing items. The elaboration in fine lines reflects the richness of detail and intricate design of each Toni Sailer piece.

First Eye-Catcher

Diversity in Design

A subtle eye-catcher in all shapes and sizes. Our branding manifests itself in a variety of forms according to the style and material of the piece of clothing. An elaborately lasered 3D logo is used for particularly sporty-technical styles. Patches made of fabric or leather are often additionally refined with other materials such as shimmering metal or crystals by Swarovski.

Inner Value

Hidden Details

There are small details which distinguish a premium look. The logo element can also be found in many places on the inside of the exclusive Toni Sailer style: embroidered on the inside pocket, as a print on the snow skirt or in the collar area and on the trouser leg. Each individual logo is carefully adapted to the style to maintain an elegant look – inside and out.

Fine touches

Subtle Decoration

Displaying the monogram on a variety of substrates and materials is always a challenge. Only through high-level expertise and specific processing techniques is it possible to apply the delicate chamois motif to zipper pullers or even the smallest buttons. This type of refinement adds that certain something to the exclusive outfits and characterises the originality of each model.