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4 Way Stretch

Maximum flexibility with peak performance

Total freedom of motion with 4-Way Stretch fabric. You can experience this feature which provides optimal freedom of movement whilst offering the best possible fit, performance and comfort. Contrary to many other stretch fabrics, Toni Sailer’s stretch fabric always includes a very high percentage of spandex. Because of this, our 4-Way Stretch retains its shape more effectively and is known for its finer, high-quality feel.

Premium Stretch

Greatest possible freedom of movement

The premium 4-Way Stretch, developed exclusively for the Toni Sailer Collection, keeps up with every movement on the slopes. A specially developed weaving process makes the thread highly elastic and stretchable in 4 directions. From a functional perspective, the 2 layers laminate meets our high demands: backed with a high performance 20,000 mm water column, 20,000 g/qm/24h breathability, as well as a highly water-resistant finish.


Completely sealed seams

The seam stiching for performance waterproof, functional clothing presents a very particular challenge, as even the smallest stitched holes are large enough to allow moisture in. A wet, unpleasant fit is the result. In order to prevent this, our seams are fully sealed using waterproof tape. For example, we use 7-8 meters of seam sealing tape for a Toni Sailer jacket.

Color tone and quality

Perfectly matching colors in different fabrics

No dyeing process is too intricate for us when creating an extraordinary tonal look. We use special pigments to achieve our powerful, active or saturated color tones. So that every piece finds expression in its outlook, we place great value on color fastness. This is particularly important for pieces featuring color blocks. Matching the colors in the most varied materials is always a difficult challenge. As a reward for this time-intensive process, we achieve a perfectly matching mix of materials that is visible in every Toni Sailer Collection.