Sparkling original

"MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS" – the label confirms the authenticity and compliance with the highest quality standards of the crystal elements on parts of our collection. Only licensed partners and brands receive the original Swarovski crystals to finish designs, details or logos.

Jet material

Perfect fit

The windproof ski material, which is primarily used in our ski pants, ensures a sporty, elegant look, a figure-hugging fit and the highest functionality. Equipped with resistance to a 20,000 mm pillar of water, 10,000 gr./m²/24h breathability, our ski pants can easily keep up with lined trousers. Furthermore, they offer incomparable wearing comfort, almost like a second skin, due to a slightly roughened inner side.


For extra warmth

The snuggly fleece material is simply ideal, when it comes to an additional, warming layer. Because, apart from a high insulating effect against cold, fleece transports moisture away from the body and still warms reliably even when it is exposed to moisture. So it is excellently suited as a middle layer under a ski jacket. We exclusively use long lasting fleece materials, which are unbelievably soft and light, and of course dry quickly.


Unrivalled in look and comfort

Specially developed for Toni Sailer! Fiberballs is the new lining, which not only offers a stylish down look, but also shines with extraordinary performance. An excellent advantage over down is: Fiberballs retains its down look even in wet conditions and guarantees undiminished heat insulation. Even after washing the insulation retains its original shape.



We are aware of our responsibility: our furs come from Scandinavia, Canada or the USA – from countries which observe high standards of animal protection. The internationally recognised label OA™ - ORIGIN ASSURED is proof of this.

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